Today as I was walking to the gym I saw a guy in an SUV reverse out of a spot & crank the wheel too hard so that he SIDESWIPED the car parked next to him!!! He threw it in drive and sped off!!! Luckily I am exceptionally quick witted and remain calm in crisis situations. I wrote down the plate # with eyeliner (all I had with me was my gym bag) and reported the incident to Nike Security. Both & I and another woman were witnesses to this crime. This guy is BUSTED, all because I took a bite out of crime.


Anonymous said...

Michelle. My hero.

Kate & Matt Heihn said...

You are so BA. I feel a little bit safer living in this world, knowing you are here to serve and protect!

Peaby said...

it must have tasted good...you were talking about it for quite a while when you got back from the gym.