People Who Wake Me Up

I learned from a young age that sleep is to be protected fiercely. If we woke our mom up when we were kids and she was taking a nap....oooh....hell hath no fury... Anyhow, I nap daily these days, and in most cases my cell phone is off or far away and I just ignore the world. So these interruptions are my own fault b/c I had the phone by me, but let me tell you what people in my life call me for:

Friday during nap:
Mom called 1 x. left a vmail.
Ash called 2 x. left TWO vmails.
Ash texted 2 x.
The big deal? Ash bought dog toys for jack & patty who are getting a dog this summer. Worth waking up for? NO.

Saturday before 8 am:
7:00 am: Jerry called to remind me I had to get him some of his money....which I had agreed to do at 9:30. I not so nicely reminded him I would do that as planned...at 9:30!
7:55 am: jack and patty called me to tell me they thought up a good dog name (dutch).
Neither of these things is worth waking up for, MUCH LESS before 8 am on a Saturday.


I'm going to be a Ropp! said...

Oh preggers, pipe down =) You're sleeping is about to be rudely interrupted =)

Patty & Jack said...

blah blah.. no one cares, you don't work anymore!

Anonymous said...

Now you sound like I did years ago. Watch out, you may be turning into another me! Mom

April said...

Girl, you have got to TURN THE RINGERS OFF!! If it is that vital, they can show up at the door! You can't imagine how ANGRY you might be when those dumb phone calls wake you AND your FINALLY peacefully sleeping baby!!

Can't wait to hear about your babe! Sorry the trampoline didn't work... spicy Thai food worked for my friend!? Oh, I liked Pitocin - worked magic for my boys!!