Update on my life:
1. I am back up to 4 miles/day running, which makes me feel super accomplished. Never mind the feedings every 2-3 hrs & juggling the responsibilities of motherhood- i am really excited to be running again. I feel like a [very slooow] running warrior. Roar!
2. I am more caught up on laundry than I have ever been.
3. My house has ANTS in it...and despite spraying & traps we still find ants crawling around. I may resort to calling the Orkin man.
4. My mother's day gift from luke was SO sweet- he got me a pink flowering dagwood tree and every year it will bloom around Johonna's bday. So sweet and thoughtful, I cried of course. Which is easy to do 11 days post partum.
5. My dog has NOT become "just a dog" though he no longer sleeps on the bed- but it isn't that he isn't welcome, just that I think he prefers not to be moved every few hours when the baby gets up. We taught him a new trick - we say "go check your baby" and he puts his nose on Jo. Super cute. He also licks her a lot, which we allow because who are we kidding- she is bound for a lifetime of ruckeroo-baths.
6. I got some serious smiles today after Jo's 5:30 feeding. They were such big grins I cried. I really think she was responding to me, do not even bother telling me "it was just gas." It is a little early yet for social smiling...but as we say often in our [VERY humble] household, she IS awfully advanced...
7. The real point of this post...I love this little girl like nothing I could ever have anticipated. Having experienced motherhood & my love for Johonna I can now capacitate how impossible it is to capacitate how great Heaven will be. I really didn't believe there was anything in the world that I couldn't anticipate SOMEWHAT, but my love for her proves that there are things in this world that so far exceed your expectations that there is no way you can appreciate them until you experience them. So there you go- heaven & little babies.

Kimberly turns 21!

Kimberly is finally 21 and can legally get into bars & order drinks. Here she is holding Jo at her bday dinner!

Here she is getting carded & passing inspection!

It was a 3 ring circus getting her into this get up, so I took a pic to commemorate the event. This is NOT her every day wear...she likes to rock it Milwaukie style - in her diaper & drool.

Alert Baby!

Jo is staying awake more every day, and keeping a close eye on things that interest her- especially the jungle gym from her aunties!!!

Tera Hosts Johonna's Meet & Greet!

Tera hosted a meet & greet event for Jo! Tera was a SUPER hospitable hostess, and made some delicious peanut butter chocolate bars for me... Thanks Tera for a great day, and all the love you showered us with!
Taylor, who is better at walking in heels than me...

Colby was SO excited to hold Jo

Cousin David picked out some super cute clothes for Jo (or maybe melissa did...?)

Happy Family: not just a delicious chinese food entree

The Hamiltons hold Jo

Savannah & Johonna: BFFs

Johonna got to meet her aunt katie, uncle matt, and cousin Savannah this week! She loooves her cousin...and the fact that she is inheriting all her cousin's super cute clothes as Savannah grows out of them! Here are some cute pictures...

Savannah thought Jo might taste yummy

Aunt Katie loves her niece

Sav is skeptical of Jo...

aunt katie loves ALL her nieces!

Jo is trying to look like a big girl next to her cousin

Auntie Bev turns 94!

Johonna got to meet her great-great-aunt, Auntie Bev on Bev's 94th birthday. They both wore yellow for the occasion!


Kristi, my friend Sarah's mom, knits amazing hats. The cupcake one is promised to Johonna for this winter...

This one is already in her closet:


Newborn Pics

Oh, I love my photographer. I HIGHLY recommend her- she is super patient & very talented. She has great prices & the best part is you get all the digital images to print as you please. Check her out http://stephaniekleinphotography.com/
Now check out my little pea. I have 137 of these pictures...and no idea how I will choose which ones to print. We will have little Johonna pictures on every surface of our house..


Jo & Sav

I see a resemblance...


Johonna at Grammy's House

With Grandpa...who wins the award for Johonna's most frequent visitor...

This is Johonna in the cradle my great grandpa made for babies in our family- she doesn't like it real well just yet...

my love

Gramps & Uncle Jack

Jo's first photo shoot

Johonna had her pics taken last weekend, and I haven't gotten them all back but my photographer (Stephanie Klein) did an AMAZING JOB & sent me a few to hold me over...

Smiley girl (we're calling this a smile)

My all time favorite...