The Baby Ratio and Canine Temptations

I wake up in the morning with 900 things I think I will do. I have a certain "pace of life" that I'm accustomed to, and now that's out the window. Now I live with what I'd call the baby ratio. A very scientifically developed ratio which is 1:1:2. That is the amount of time it takes to GET READY to do something to the amount of time it takes to DO that something to the amount of time it takes to RECOVER from whatever you just did. Case in point: today's first walk with Johonna, Rucker, and the Bob stroller. It took an hour to get ready to leave, an hour to walk, and 2 hours to recover. Phew.

I will say that I am MOST proud of Rucker - he did an EXCELLENT job on the walk- didn't pull, didn't try to eat the stroller tires, etc. HOWEVER...we did have two tempting encounters during which he gave over to his canine instinct:
1. The urban chicken coop- it was NOT well sheltered from the road & he pulled us off roading to inspect the clucking hens. Luckily they were fenced in.
2. The 3 legged cat. Rucker whispered, "Survival of the fittest, cat" and lunged. Seriously- a 3 legged cat? I can hardly blame him.

Quite the contraption.

Pausing to take pictures of EVERY SINGLE THING we do and EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT she wears is probably making things more difficult.


Brazenlilly said...

Yes! The ratio is right on. And pictures of everything are a must. She's like a little dolly in that stroller! however, you might need to one day hide some of these pics when your second child is grown and sees only a few of him/her as a newborn and complains of preferential firstborn treatment.

Patty & Jack said...

Rucker is a good dog.