Cheese Its...run in the family

Ash & I have a shared love of reduced fat cheese its, which we actually prefer to full fat cheese its b/c they are crunchier. We wouldn't be caught dead eating cheese nips (bleh). Here is how you know we are serious about our cheese its:

1. Ash one time got caught in traffic on I5. They had shut the free way down & it was a parking lot- literally people turned their cars off. She had to go to the bathroom...BAD. And no options on the FREEWAY. All she had in her car was an empty cheese it box. So she peed in it. She's going to be pissed that I blogged this (pun intended)
2. Ash once found a whole cheese it...in her bra...after work. I am not sure logistically how this happened, but it was an entire cheese it, and she ate it. Why waste a perfectly good cheese it?
3. And here's the topper...today when I was undressing Johonna for her dr's appt I found a part of a cheese it in her DIAPER. I was able to retrieve the cheese it before the dr saw it, and NO, neither Johonna or I ate it.

Here she is with the cheese it to the right of her. You can see it was just a crumb. Had it been a whole cheese it I might have had to eat it...

She gets this love of cheese its from her auntie ashley...

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I'm going to be a Ropp! said...

You'll see,w hen you have to pee bad, what can you do?! I hope Johonna loves them too!!