I feel...

In elementary school we learned how to use "I" statements to express our feelings. Example: "I feel x when y." So, a few"I" statements to express how I feel about being a momma...

I feel like a super empowered and exceptionally well adjusted new mom when on day 5 of motherhood I did the following with my child:library, blockbuster, starbucks, albertsons, costco, target. Phew.

I feel like an emotional wreck when on day 5 (after above marathon outing) I start crying at the 5 loads of clean laundry heaped on the bed that must be folded and put away.

I feel like a loved and cherished wife when my husband comes in, hugs me, and helps me fold the laundry.

I feel like my love for this little girl is so big it is terrifying. Which accounts for 839 "checks" I make in a night to be sure she's still breathing.

I feel delight in my family's love for Johonna- they're so worried about being a "pain" when they come to visit- but it is such a testament to their love for her- how could I be bothered by that!?!? Plus if I need to I know I can toss them the baby & go take a nap.

I feel thankful to God beyond measure for her.


Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Michelle, you are such a great mom!!! Johonna is very lucky to have you and Luke!

Jessica said...

All of those errands in one day...you are an amazing new mommy! Most new moms don't do nearly that much. As for the laundry, well if you need help then come kidnap me.Oh, and I'm glad you mentioned not being bothered by people randomly stopping by. I haven't stopped over because I thought you would be tired, and I didn't want to be rude! Your daughter is beautiful and precious! Now I just need to find the time to head over.