Johonna's Friends & Family

We are so blessed- we have had SO many visitors. Johonna will grow up with the best network of friends & family any little girl could ask for. Here are some pics of Jo w/her fans ;)
Grammy K

This is her in her environmentally-friendly "G diaper"- she is very environmentally conscious you know. Plus she looks cute in pink.

This is Jo in an outfit lent to her by cousin Savannah. Jo wanted me to pass along this message to her: "Hey Sav, thanks for the cool outfit. Let me know if you want to borrow something out of my closet. Love ya cuz!"


Aunt Gillian

Aunties Naomee & Gill

Grandma Sara

Cousin Christina

Richard...who informed me that "You don't HAVE to do sex to make a baby, but it HELPS." oh goodness..

Cousin Cassandra

Ryan drove all the way up from Eugene to meet her!

Double Auntie love

Ha - you can tell kim is NOT a dog lover...

Boys loving on Jo

Hannah & her mom Deb

Sarah & Jo

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Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Look at that beautiful baby! Savannah wanted me to tell Johonna that she looks great in her outfit and she will be getting a whole lot more in two weeks when we are in town. She also says, "thank you for the offer to share your clothes, but I don't think you will ever catch up with me!"