Tera Hosts Johonna's Meet & Greet!

Tera hosted a meet & greet event for Jo! Tera was a SUPER hospitable hostess, and made some delicious peanut butter chocolate bars for me... Thanks Tera for a great day, and all the love you showered us with!
Taylor, who is better at walking in heels than me...

Colby was SO excited to hold Jo

Cousin David picked out some super cute clothes for Jo (or maybe melissa did...?)

Happy Family: not just a delicious chinese food entree

The Hamiltons hold Jo


Patty & Jack said...

I bet David helped. Tera said he is really good with getting clothes for her kids!

Jessica said...

I love the picture of you,Luke, and Johanna. It's a very precious picture! I also like the picture of Coby holding Johanna, that picture is so cute!