I won the human kindness lottery today, TWICE

I am so blown away I don't even know where to start!

First, we left Rucker in my in law's backyard while we went to see the girls dance recital. It was like 30 minutes. He's been there before, but never alone. When we got back he was HOWLING like a lunatic, but I didn't think anything of it. Turns out he busted out the gate & a neighbor two houses down returned him to the yard & secured the gate so he couldn't escape again! I must have thanked the guy 100 times. I have returne dogs before to unthankful owners so I made sure he knew how thankful I am. Rucker may have gotten the shaft since Jo arrived, but I love him dearly & I would have gone insane if he'd gotten lost!

Second, I have all of my id/credit/debit/gift cards rubberbanded with a hair band in my purse. I am looking for a perfect new wallet, so this is the interim solution. Well the whole packet of cards got lost last week- I am not sure where or how. But I had to cancel everything, get a new driver's license, and mourn the loss of $175 in gift cards. Well today what do I get in the mail? All of my cards! A very honest and kind stranger found them in the street and certified-mailed them back to me!!! I looked them up online & left them a very thankful (and long) voicemail message, and I'm going to mail them a thank you note & gift card for dinner somewhere. I am so totally blown away! They wrote a note that said they couldn't find my phone # in all of the cards so they went to the effort of mailing them back.

Really, I am feeling the love for all of mankind today. I need to pay it forward, so perhaps I'll encounter a lost dog soon...it's been a while...

Meaghann's bday!

I am a horrid cousin- I didn't get one pic of the birthday girl! Meaghann turned 18 & graduated, so there was a family party in her honor. Dutch met his new girlfriend, Lucy...the chocolate lab my cousin Abby recently adopted. Dutch & Lucy are 4 days apart, and they were SO adorable and entertaining.
Grammy K & Jo

Dutch- attacker of shoes & ankles, looking VERY fierce

The pups meeting - love at first sight!

So cute

Holding their babies...

Field Hands

Sara & the kids & I went raspberry picking last week! It was a LOT of fun, and I must say- I was skeptical that the kids could be made to toil and labor for my benefit, but they actually did a GREAT job picking berries for me & Sara! Except for Naomee and Cassandra...who were freaking out over the number of bugs out there. I was super impressed with their diligence- I am so lucky to have a whole army of child slave laborers at my beck and call. I will have to think of other things they can do for me (...laundry? dishes? baby diapering?!?)

Here's the crew:

Here I am with Jo picking berries

Grandma Sara loving on her girl

This was intended to be a super cute pic of Jo hiding amongst the asparagus. In my head it is very "anne geddes" and super cute. In reality, this is what we got:

PS- I thought while i was picking that my daughter was the worst child laborer of all. She periodically squacked for NO reason at all...so I thought. When I got home I saw several scratches on her poor little face. Apparetnly I was brushing her up against the pokey thorns while I berry-picked. BAD MOM!

B-ball in the park

Jo & I went to watch her daddy play basketball at the park earlier this week. I didn't bother getting pictures of luke, but here are some cute pics of Jo.
Smiley girl

She is only moderately interested in basketball, and much like her mom, already has developed an aversion to sports center...

She was so bored, in fact, that she just went to sleep

...which gave me an opportunity to get a pic of her hairy e-wok ear.


My Friend the Fan

As far as Johonna is concerned, the best thing about being at Grammy's is the ceiling fan. It is dark so it contrasts with the white ceiling, and she spends a lot of time staring intently at it. My dad turns the fan on for her too b/c he thinks she enjoys that. He calls it "your friend the fan."

mistletoe fly trap

At my mom's house the windows & doors are always open. This provides a nice cool breeze & airs out the house. It is also seen as an open invitation to all the flies in the vicinty. The flies like to land on you when you're snuggling your baby or cooking or pumping- and it is SO annoying. Mom finally caved & bought some fly traps which are SUPER ugly. She doesn't want anyone to know she had them, but Patty & I smooched under them like they were mistletoe instead of lures for nasty flies.

By the way- mom caught only 2 flies so she's taken down the traps & given up. I think she needs a bug zapper...

Father's Day!

Sadly Luke had to work in Seattle over the weekend, so I spent it at my parents house, where 3 parents is better than 1! Johonna gets loved non-stop, and it makes my parents so happy...plus I get perfect, uninterupted napping opportunities! We had a bbq on Sunday for Father's day for my dad, and then stopped by to see my father in law who was just heading out for a Sunday evening motorcycle ride. When Luke got home late Sunday night Jo & I gave him a special father/daughter book. It was a fairly lame father's day gift, but we did write him a nice letter telling him all the great things we think about him- and it was a long letter! I am so thankful to be surrounded by such great dad's- mine, my father in law, and now my husband. Here are some pics from the bbq...
Grandpa & his girl

Uncle Chris giving Jo a smooch

Pondering lunch options: ribs or chicken...

Lilly was interested in Jo, and Jo enjoyed lounging on the beautiful blanket that Chris' grandma quilted for her!

2 of 7 aunties:

Since Jack's started modeling he doesn't like to see photos taken w/o him in them

Meeting the Zundels!

Johonna got to meet the Zundel/Harrison clan this weekend! This is a super loving and welcoming family, and I always love visiting them. Julia is a dear friend from high school, and I am so glad to still be in touch with her! She's got a super cute kiddo, Cole, who predicted my baby was a girl before we even knew!!

Danika, Julia, Tashyka & Johonna


Watch Dog

Rucker lays next to Johonna when she is under her jungle gym. I think he is protecting her. She's part of his "pack" ;)

Mom Cut, take 2

Here is the re-done hair. I am officially a Mom now ;)

Spontaneous Game Night

Tuesday Sarah and I took Kelly out for her 28th birthday! Sarah got a pic but somehow I deleted it... Anyhow, we met up with Chris, Beth & Luke at Sarah's after dinner for a spontaneous game night. We played "Loaded Questions" or something like that...it was a lot of fun.

Also...I got a "mom" hair cut. In other words, shorter hair that takes less time to dry--with high hopes that I will make the effort to dry it and "do" something with it. It looked ok when I left the salon, and the next 2 days it looked a lot worse as I made effort to "style" it. My "styling" tools include a hair dryer, a curling hair dryer thing, and on occasion, some spray foam stuff. Even with all three of these tools pulled out of my arsenal I could do nothing with this mop. It was scruffy looking. And words that can be used to describe dogs should not also apply to my hair. So I called back & asked for a "re-do." This is the beauty-industry equivalent of sending food back. You risk getting your hair metaphorically spit in. Anyhow, I went back & a different gal tried to "fix" it. I am about to go shower & attempt to "do" my hair...so we'll see how this goes. Below is the first hair cut, which like I said- looked ok when I left the salon but got much worse when I tried to do it on my own.

Sarah & Jo, quite the cute pair!


Frowns & Smiles

Jo is starting to smile at us, which is so amazing. We act like total fools trying to get a grin out of this girl. But her frowns make US smile...look at this face...

and here's a smile- she's smiling at her Grandpa who is waving toys in front of her

Daddy Loves

These are some of my favorite pictures, Luke making faces at Johonna. She loves her daddy...even though he has pokey whiskers

this guy is FUNNY

Thanks Aunt Linda!

Aunt Linda gave Jo this rat when we were first pregnant, and the outfit on the day Johonna was born. So we thought we'd get her dressed up & take her pic...but she is SO OVER being dressed up and posed for pics. She loves her rattie though :)


I met Dutch a few weeks ago. He is the cutest puppy I've ever seen. He loves me a lot...even though I'm not his dog-god-parent. hmph.

Friends & Family

Jo met friends Todd & Sarah this week who were in town camping!

Jo also met her great Aunt Amanda. Or as all the middlebrooks kids say, "an-amana."

Flying with Grandpa

Grandpa is teaching Jo to fly. She's not sure she wants to be a pilot, but it is a handy skill to have under your belt at 6 weeks...

Coming in for a landing...

Hippie Aunt

Jo loves her Aunt Ashley, who made this special tie-dyed onesie for her. For some reason Ash has an obsession with tie dye. She tie dye's everything. When I got Jo dressed she said "Peace, Love, and Rock & Roll." I knew Aunt Ashley was a bad influence...
From 2009_06_14

She prefers to snuggle

Every morning after the 5 or 6 am feeding I leave Jo w/Luke & go for a run. Sometimes she sleeps, sometimes she wakes him up. Today I left and she was in her bouncy chair almost asleep. By the time I returned they were both snoozing happily in the bed, her in the crook of his arm with arms up over her head. I guess she just wanted to snuggle today.