BIG Haul

It's 10:26 am. I've been up since 7. Jo & I have been to 3 walgreens, 1 safeway, 1 Albertsons & 2 Rite Aids. Look at all the cool stuff we got- and FYI, I MADE $18!!!!!!! Not $18 in cash, but $18 to spend at my next trips to Safeway & Walgreens. My loot includes 5 shampoos, 35 bottled water things, 3 cough syrups, 4 theraflus, 3 foot creams, 3 lotions, 4 face lotions, 8 toothbrushes, 4 razors, bananas, milk, 2 sour creams, 2 vitamin shots, 2 soups, 1 heat patch, 3 bags of cough drops, 2 hand soaps, 2 boxes of pasta, 1 starbucks drink, and 3 packs of floss picks. It is like coupon crack. Ok, i gotta go put away my refrigerator stuff. Then to church. Then home to reorganize my shed to accomodate all this crap.


MORE beach pics, thx patty

Sleeping Hazard

The other night Jo & I got home & crashed on my bed. When I woke up she was still sleeping, so I left her on the bed & joined luke in the living room. After a while we heard her cooing and singing in there, so we decided to go play with her. When we walked in we found Rucker laying next to her licking her legs like crazy. She was kicking and flailing with her best friend...who probably woke her up. Some pics & a long (2 min) video of this cute pair...
Action Shot

Sticking out their big lips

MY FAVORITE EVER-- look at their faces

He looks ferocious but I promise no babies or doggies were harmed in the making of this photo

Lazy Days at the Beach


Kevin bought this for Jo. She LOVES it.

Adorable Aunties!

My little rudolph

Birthday at the Beach

The Stephens/Hamilton/Middlebrooks clan all escaped to Lincoln City for the weekend to celebrate Patty's 24th & Luke's 30th (!) bday. Lots of fun- here are some pics

Cousin Kevin back from Iraq for a few weeks. Looks like he brought his GUNS with him (hee hee)

Miss Happy Pants with Gramps

Anytime you get boys together there's bound to be some showing off- for the record, dick won!

Double Trouble

Happy to have her baby brother home

Birthday Kids

Patty made luke a THREE YARD broncos blanket. Luke was impressed with the very accurate logo reproductions until Patty explained that the fabric came pre-printed. So then he asked, "So what did you do?" well she crafted it. that's what.

I like this picture-

New kicks- didn't see THAT ONE coming

Thanks Aunt Jenny for breakfast!!!



I think I get this from my Nannie- who has gone through more "phases" than most people do hair-do's. Ironically, her hair-do has been the same for about 30 years (hee hee, if you're related to me you'll laugh at that...). Anyhow- here's a list of prior obsessions- all of which I invest significant amounts of time, money, and effort into.
1. Cake decorating - took classes while working full time and going to college full time. And I HATE cake.
2. Scrapbooking- at least I have several albums to show for this obsession
3. Online poker. Brief, but intense.
4. Blackjack and slot machines at the casino- Overall I lost money.
5. Cheesemaking- several batches at 6 hrs each resulted in lots and lots of moldy cheese. And not the good kind of mold.
6. The dog. 1 hr MINIMUM at the dog park each day of his life for the first 1.5 yrs.
7. And now...COUPONING!!!!

I blame this all on Mike Bunch's wife, Becky, who according to Mike, went to the store and got like 5 boxes of cereal for $.18 or something crazy. I received this information about 6 months ago & it ruminated around in my brain until I mastered the art of parenting & had nothing better to do. This August, I dove deep into the world of couponing. DEEP. Hours and hours online reading blogs and websites about how this is all done. We're not talking about clipping a $.50 coupon & saving some cash. We're talking about getting hoards and hoards of stuff for FREE or darn close to it. It is like a game. Way more fun than blackjack, and WAY more profitable. In the last 6 weeks that I've "couponed" I have aquired so much stuff that I had to pull it all out yesterday & reorganize shelving in the shed and laundry room. But that is the LEAST of my efforts. Here are the things I've done in the name of saving money:
1. LOTS of shopping. This is where it actually comes in handy to live in Milwaukie. I'm within 5 miles of TONS of stores. Today, for example, I went to: walgreens (5 times- I'm not kidding), Rite Aid, Albertsons, Target, Winco, Walmart, and Fred Meyer. Phew. I did a shopping run in the morning & one in the afternoon. Jo likes to go with me in the morning, while we sip our coffee and shop for deals.
2. I buy 5 papers each Sunday, and grab discarded coupons out of the Milwaukie Newspaper Drop Box. Some might call it "dumpster diving." But really it is NOT a dumpster. It's a DROP BOX. No garbage, no flies, no climbing into it- I merely grab the inserts sitting on top.
3. I bought a printer so I can print coupons.
4. I am on my THIRD method of coupons storage. This method includes a shoulder strap (pics below).
5. Money. Have I spent more than I normally would have? probably...but I'm getting better. I can walk away from $1 shampoo or toothpaste because I know if I'm patient I'll be able to get it free. Though I did buy 2 packs of paper plates today that I don't need but "had to have" since they totalled $.60 after my coupons. But seriously- paper plates are good to have.

1. How do I get stuff for FREE?
Lots of research- read the couponing blogs & they'll tell you each week what sales are out there & what coupons to match up with. Example- Walgreens has these crackers that are $3. But when you buy them, you get a $3 coupon to use on whatever else you want to buy at Walgreens (and if you're a "couponer" you will be at walgreens frequently). BUT WAIT! It gets better! I have a $1 off coupon for those crackers. So I pay $2, get a bag of crackers, and a coupon for $3 back. NET PROFIT: $1. Boo-yeah.
2. Ok, but what can you possibly need with all this crap?
Well, I'm not quite sure. But something inside me feels a swell of satisfaction when I look at all my loot. Having 15 tubes of toothpaste makes me feel safe and secure. Also, my friends & family will benefit from this- lots of goodie bags of random free stuff going to those I love. And I've got a pile of stuff designated for a homeless shelter. Saturday I dropped off 6 bags & 6 cans of dog food I got for free at a local shelter. And this morning at Target the lady in front of me was buying a bunch of pasta sauce that I had coupons for, so I gave them to her. She was elated. In the couponers world, this is called an "RAOK" (random act of kindness). Couponers live by a very moral creed too- we don't try to misuse coupons or swindle in any way. Examples of coupon fraud include trying to use expired coupons or trying to double coupons that say "do not double." We are very careful about this.

Ok, now for the pictures...I reorganized a bunch of stuff I've accumulated over the last month, and here are some pics:
Meager beginnings- this was a few weeks ago. Notice my tiny, petite little coupon organizer:

Upgraded to a binder. Pretty dorky.

Today's big improvement- I bought a binder with a zipper...and a strap. This is the preferred method of the most advanced couponers. You hoist all your coupons over your shoulder. Convenient? Yes. So nerdy I can barely wear it without a disguise? Yes.

My pasta sauce stockpile. When I was leaving this morning Luke said, "don't forget spaghetti sauce. We're almost out." He's so funny.

Just some of the dressing & marinades...

Some of the goodies (before I organized it all)

More goodies

Just looking at this makes me tap my fingers together and cackle like Mr. Burns on the simpsons.

Cereal. We need to eat more cereal. All of these were less than $1 each. Normally cereal can be up to $5 a box! ahhh!

I am in love with couponing. And I have enough spaghetti sauce to last me three years.

Johonna vs Avocado

Avocado won.


A Friday Treat.

Lucky you. Your day is about to get 10 x better thanks to this cinematic treat. Ash & I were leaving Walgreens on 82nd last week and she spotted this character. Lucky for you I had my camera & recorded this little number. I like to call this, "82nd Street Ninja."

Labor Day

This is Luke & I bringing Sexy Back. Too bad we couldn't coordinate it into one pic. Here's luke biting his lip, ala Bill Clinton (GAG).

And here I am growling like a tiger. Well actually now that I look closer, I think Luke is still doing his Bill Clinton impression. Double Gag.

Jack & I trying to climb into the window box for a brother sister picture. I bumped my head & then he pushed me out and my skirt got stuck on the window. More Michelle than any member of my family cared to see. Except maybe Bill Clinton...but he's a pervert.

Two of my beautiful sissies

We spotted Kimberly's pink camoflauge hat in the room, so we posed for a sister shot & held her hat up so she could be part of the picture even though she's in South Africa right now! We miss you kimmee!!!

This is how we found her

I went in to check on Johonna one night in her crib, and this is what I found. SHe had worked her way out of her sleep positioner, and her pacifier was perched on her face. Not in her mouth- just sitting on her face.


Hippie Chicks

Ash made MATCHING tie dye for Savannah & Johonna. Katie likes this because it "embodies the spirit of Oregon." More like the spirit of Eugene. Or maybe Reed college- but whatever. If only we had baby birkenstocks...

The creator of all things tie dye

wait- is this the same pic?? no- we swapped out the middle sister

Savannah REVOLTS! She says NO THANKS to tie dye

And now, the grand finale...Savannah REALLY hates tie dye. Jo likes tie dye, so she just ignores cousin Sav. I know this is mean- but Katie picked her up and she was fine. She just got a little worked up...