Birthday at the Beach

The Stephens/Hamilton/Middlebrooks clan all escaped to Lincoln City for the weekend to celebrate Patty's 24th & Luke's 30th (!) bday. Lots of fun- here are some pics

Cousin Kevin back from Iraq for a few weeks. Looks like he brought his GUNS with him (hee hee)

Miss Happy Pants with Gramps

Anytime you get boys together there's bound to be some showing off- for the record, dick won!

Double Trouble

Happy to have her baby brother home

Birthday Kids

Patty made luke a THREE YARD broncos blanket. Luke was impressed with the very accurate logo reproductions until Patty explained that the fabric came pre-printed. So then he asked, "So what did you do?" well she crafted it. that's what.

I like this picture-

New kicks- didn't see THAT ONE coming

Thanks Aunt Jenny for breakfast!!!

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desi1221 said...

Happy dirty thirty Luke, Matt went down in a blaze of glory as well!