Need Advice- What to be for Halloween?

Thanks Cousin Julia for the great costume options this year! Need some feedback- chicken or strawberry? (my vote=chicken)

Berry cute

Eggcellent (i know...with all these puns i've reached an all time blogging low)


Thanks Cousin David & Melissa for Jo's super favorite outfit...her Blazer gear.


Jo at 5 months

I looooove my photographer. And if you hired her, you would also love her. http://stephaniekleinphotography.com/

Patient pup


one more video- kinda long, just for grandma

Grandma Sara is far away in Phoenix visiting Savannah, Jo's BFF. Here's a video for Grandma, please note Jo's new blowing raspberries thing- that is a new trick of hers!
This is long, and really only for people who REALLY miss this baby.

I can't go to school today mom...

Ok, just fyi, I WAS sick this week. But Jo is not. And she is a faker.



It was a beautiful wedding! Ashley looked more gorgeous than I've ever seen her. She got choked up walking down the aisle but that made it all the sweeter. I didn't get a ton of pics, but here are some- and a very short clip of her walking down the aisle

Ash & Velma, her new grandma-in-law
Partial family pic

"Ew," Ash said, "I don't kiss boys."

Practice Makes Perfect

Pics from the rehearsal...
mom & sis'

Just the sisters- do you know how lucky I am??? I have good sisters on both sides. and one of my sisters on one side is also my cousin on the other side.

Baby bride

Ash got her this adorable hat...reminiscent of "Blossom"

Another awesome sister, and a great auntie. Lex, my youngest (and most responsible) sister was the videographer for ash's wedding- and she did an OUTSTANDING JOB. She also had the honor of being the first person Jo has ever reached out to smooch.

Ash & her mom & mil!

Ash & her moh

Ash & her gallant groom

We Have Private Stuff You Know!

Big bummer- my computer got the computer version of swine flu (a nasty virus) and long story short, the slide show worked on my computer but NOT on the big screen for ash's wedding :( Anyhow, here's a cute video excerpt of her, age 7, telling my mom not to follow her around w/the video camera when she's on the phone, talking to her cousin, about "private stuff." You can't see it, but earlier she was on the phone talking about how our cat lost his flea collar. Very private stuff, you know. Look how cute she is :)

Popcorn Balls & Flowers

Let the wedding madness begin! This week has been a flurry of family & wedding prep, as my sweet little sister gets ready to marry Christopher Ropp. Chris makes high marks in my book for putting up with Ash's dramatic ways, but turns out he's just as big of a softie as she is :)- she tells me all the sweet and romantic things he says to her but I will not repeat them, so as to salvage at least SOME of his manly pride!
We met w/cousins & our aunt to make popcorn balls for the wedding favors on Wednesday. Well...my aunt linda made them all & we just ate pizza really. So THANKS AUNT LINDA for the "favor!"

Lovely cousins

sugar coated

Thanks Aunt Linda!

Mom & Dad: The flower crew. Dad was not a willing participant, but he held bouquets for a little while at least!


Chubby Little Legs

I was scanning pics for ash's wedding slide show & came by this one in the box of rejects. What I love most of all is that
a) jack's head is cut off (nice try aunt laurie)
b) jacks chubby little legs
c) jack's chubby little belly (horizontal stripes are a no-no my brother)
d) jack's rainbow striped fat flip flops (we called 'em THONGS back then)
e) that jack is clutching the bag of chips
f) little toddler kankles
love you brother!


I was thinking...

...I just don't post enough pics of my kid ;)

How could I forget?!?

This alone was reason enough to hire Cha Cha. Ladies & Gents, I present the CHA CHA Slide. Or maybe it was the Cha Cha shuffle? Either way, check out Lexee on the left who is SMOKING the competition. Girl's got moves.


I love my family. After Cassandra's birthday party we drove to Stayton to bid adiou to Dutch, kennel bound for 3 months of hard core huntin' dawg training. As if I need one more reminder about how disobedient my dog is :)

She doesn't realize quite how funny Grandpa is yet.

Love these two.


Daddy kisses

Mommy kisses

Gramps & his girl

Gramps & two of the granddogs

Cha Cha

I attended my FIRST EVER clown birthday party. Cassandra turned FOUR and for her bday Chris ordered CHA CHA the clown. She was fabulous. Cassandra ATE IT UP- I don't know how much she cost, but CHA CHA was worth it- this is one party Cassandra will never forget!
Dustin & Richard

The girls

Daddy's girl #1

Daddy's girl #2


Jo wasn't impressed

The birthday princess