Popcorn Balls & Flowers

Let the wedding madness begin! This week has been a flurry of family & wedding prep, as my sweet little sister gets ready to marry Christopher Ropp. Chris makes high marks in my book for putting up with Ash's dramatic ways, but turns out he's just as big of a softie as she is :)- she tells me all the sweet and romantic things he says to her but I will not repeat them, so as to salvage at least SOME of his manly pride!
We met w/cousins & our aunt to make popcorn balls for the wedding favors on Wednesday. Well...my aunt linda made them all & we just ate pizza really. So THANKS AUNT LINDA for the "favor!"

Lovely cousins

sugar coated

Thanks Aunt Linda!

Mom & Dad: The flower crew. Dad was not a willing participant, but he held bouquets for a little while at least!

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Patty & Jack said...

SO sad I missed out on these things.... But How fun!!!