I'd Put My Name On This...

I'm not a paid celebrity. I'm endorsing this stuff for FREE...
1. Jesus (how could I NOT start with him? Also because God doesn't like coming second to peanut butter). Jesus has changed my life for eternity. A simple truth introduced to me by my best friend: jesus died for you. he paid for your mistakes. acknowledge it, be thankful for it. ask for christ to live in you. in return? a spiritual sigh of relief, a joy that is light in your soul, and the assurance of eternity with jesus. It doesn't get better than this, friends.

2. Peanut butter. Not with jelly, and NEVER on bananas (that would be gross.) I endorse peanut butter mixed in with your evening bowl of rocky road ice cream. For best results, smear it on the bottom of the bowl so you can enjoy a little with each bite.

3. Sonicare toothbrushes. Well worth the $130. The comparison between sonicare & manual tooth brushes is like the difference between a long, hot shower and a sponge bath with dirty water. It tickles at first but you get over after a few brushes.

4. The Snot Sucker. Its less catchy technical name is "Graco Baby BebeSounds" and it costs $18. I bought this because Jo passionately protested the bulb syringe and I needed to be able to get her boogers out. Quite possibly the most frustrating thing as a parent is seeing a booger but not being able to get it out. The snot sucker makes it all possible- like a mini shop vac for your child's nostrils. It plays music (genius) which totally distracts Jo and has a clear booger receptacle which can be taken apart & cleaned.

5. Aveeda Phomollient, $12. This hair foam is super light, kind of like mousse but without the crunchiness. You put it on your hair before you dry it & it adds volume & helps hold curl better. I've never seen a product like this, nor have I ever used any mousse, gel or spray with as good of results. I can hear you naysayers naysaying, "Um, Michelle like never does her hair." True. But when I do it looks good and that is thanks to Aveeda Phomollient.

6. America's Funniest Home Videos, Sunday Evenings on ABC. No matter what is going on in my life, I can always count on AFV to make me laugh out loud. I delight in this show.

7. COUPONING. Oh my, couponing has changed my life. Besides saving ridiculous amounts of money, this has become a hobby...maybe an obsession. I have stockpiles of deoderant, shampoo, razors, toothpaste, hamburger helper, bacon, pillsbury crescent rolls, etc. I have hoards of things that will be donated to charities this winter, and today at Fred Meyer I gave two women coupons for items I saw in their cart. Is that weird? It sounds creepy when I type it out but I assure you it was a friendly thing done in passing- I wasn't stalking people and invading their personal cart space or anything.

8. Hanna Andersson Swedish Moccasins, $14. Jo's got really small feet, and I feel bad squishing her expressive little feetsies in stiff bottomed shoes. These moccasins were given to me as a gift and probably not something I would have bought otherwise. But they are a life saver! They STAY on her feet and fit before Robeez would have. I highly recommend them!

9. http://www.stephaniekleinphotography.com/ My photographer. I say that like I own her, but I don't. You can use her too. She is great- sweet, flexible, talented, inexpensive, and she gives you all the images on a CD for printing at your leisure. She has done my maternity pics, newborn pics, my sister's wedding, etc. All amazing.
10. Saint Andre Triple Creme Brie. This stuff is spendy ($10+/lb) but worth every penny. It is found at Whole Foods/New Seasons, and on occasion I see it at Albertson's/Safeway/etc. It is like eating cheese flavored butter. It is my favorite cheese of all time. I like it smeared at room temperature on crusty kalamata olive bread. yum.

11. Mrs. Neushin's Pickles, $5-6. I love pickles almost as much as I love cheese. All my life I have loved pickles, so imagine my surprise when upon meeting Luke's family, I'm introduced to these delicious treats. Sadly I couldn't find a pic of them on google & I am too lazy to go photograph the ones in my fridge, but they are a blue & red labeled jar in the pickle aisle, usually only a few jars at the bottom at Alberstons or Fred Meyer. They're not widely distributed, and they are expensive for pickles, but they have the best flavor ever. A distinct bite that is especially enhanced when paired with a chunk of tillamook cheddar. Mouthwatering.


Kate said...

America's Funniest Home videos??? Is it quite as funny without Bob Saget's quirky comments??

K Pitty said...

Glad to see that peanut butter made your list... I think there is a reason we are friends... don't forget to put some in your oatmeal - it gets all melty and yummy... mmmm!!! :)

Dottie said...

Great blog! Am needing a slipper option for Davis, and am going to do the moccasin (assuming they come in boy colors) for his stocking!