overdue for a post!

So much to post...
Happy Halloween- Jo decided to be a duck.

Gramps promised he wouldn't hunt her

Sitting Duck, Lying Dog

Jo got dressed up in her party tuu-tuu to see some of my out of town co-workers
I totally scored at target this weekend- halloween costumes for $1.67!!! WOOHOO- I bought a ton. my future babies will have tons of choices
one of which is a HOT DOG

Or a mean dragon

Jo showing off her pink wig

With her twin-auntie Patty

Kicking it on the couch w/Grammy.


Patty & Jack said...

Jo's mean Dragon face is the best!!! hahah

Kate said...

So fun! I love the costumes!!!

Patty & Jack said...

LOVE the dragon face!!!!

Anonymous said...

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