What a great first Christmas for Jo! I only have half the pics uploaded, more to come. I love Christmas, but I will say that in a sick, weird way, I prefer the way I feel now to the way I feel on Christmas morning. My house is in order, gifts put away, tree on the curb--- ahhh, feels perfect!

Oops- lights on the tree were off. That will probably haunt me forever about this picture!

Cousin Kevin was unexpectedly able to come home for Christmas- does it get better than that!?!

Aunt Patty wins the best dressed for Christmas 2009- hands down! Thanks to Kevin, we know her dress is PIEBALD (which means, "spotted")

Loving her mom

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Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Love that your Christmas tree is down ON christmas day! Haha, ours is going down right NOW!!! What great pics, it looks like you guys had a great first Christmas. I want to kiss Johonna's cheeks!