My favorite ash & chris wedding pics

I love this picture.

This is also good. Very true to life.

Dad helping Ash w/her wedding shoes- for lots of fun, click on the pic & pay close attn to her pinky toe. Why does it not touch the ground??? We call it her kickstand toe...in case she gets off balance it catches her.

Hay pictures- are we good looking or what?

Well at least jo is thrilled.

mi familia

Did I already blog this pic? if so, too bad. worth posting twice. why is jack in the middle? it isn't his wedding day!? Oh! I remember- we picked the shortest person in the family & put him in the center.

So happy- this is chris' happy face

I like this one- this is EXACTLY how my dad looks when he is telling a story during the funny part. You can tell he's talking but the corners of his mouth are smiling too. I love my dad.

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I'm going to be a Ropp! said...

Jerk. Leave my toe alone. It helps me be nimble and graceful, something you lack! Ha!!

I love all these pictures. I love the one of dad talking, he does talk like that, soon it'd be a hand clap after that and the hand clap is my favorite, he clapped did it when you told him you were preggers!