Jo loooves cottage cheese. Doesn't like peas. We try to sneak 'em in when we can. Of course on this video she gags at the cheese & gobbles the peas. Ornery kid. Her snorting laugh at the end is adorable, and worth eating your veggies for :)

Crabby cousins, why we force this sort of thing at bedtime I'm not sure, but it never fails to be entertaining

Darling Sav shows how she can step on her own

SURPRISE! we had a surprise party for cousin casey a few weeks ago- we made all the cousins hide in jo's room in the dark for about 10 minutes. Please ignore my gawking smile at the camera...like I didn't know I was on camera? oh well- the rest of it is cute. I love my cousins!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you. I can never get enough of Jo's videos. I also love the one of them sharing. They will both love watching these when they are older. mom