Zero Effort Blogging

I am so horribly behind. So here we go - the last few weeks in review...
Baby in a box. Merry Christmas.

What's this face about?

He looks like an obedient dog here...

Rucker's new food bowl...a little higher than usual but tasty nonetheless.

Jo loves her Nannie

Coupon haul - $12 bucks.

Jo in the super soft & adorable sweater my mom crocheted for her!

Jo's first snowfall!

Youth group reunion at our place

If they look like trouble now you should have seen 'em in high school...

Lovely Suz & Chris

We have this thing for putting bows on babies heads...

Grammy K showing off another hand made sweater & hat for Jo! What a talented Grammy she's got!


Ben & Tera said...

Those sweaters are darling! And holy salsa. you go girl!

Patty & Jack said...

I want a Karen sweater.