Uh Oh

a few things you should know before seeing this...
1. Video includes massive amounts of nudity
2. My MOM is teaching Jo (against my better judgement) to say UH OH when she drops things. It is cute. Remind me I said this in 3 weeks when I am lamenting the fact that my baby is gleefully tossing her dinner to the floor while yelling "UH OH!"
3. Ignore the fact she's scratchin' her junk. She's got an itchy infection.
4. Here you go...

The antonym of cleaning...

...is jo


We got lotsa teeth, and lotsa sad crabby jo. But check out these pearly whites!

My pretty girl

and SO inquisitive!

White Trash Party

Wow- this was so long ago! I am way behind. We had a white trash say goodbye to kimberly party. Patty painted on a mustache, Ash & I wore leopard print, and Kim & Melissa wore fake baby bumps. As usual, we had no male participation.

Not trashy:
ultra trashy


I recklessly gambled my pride today...twice

Gamble #1: As I was getting dressed at the gym I noticed that my running tights (I'd originally planned on running) had a small hole in the crotch. They're old pants, it wasn't entirely unexpected. What was unexpected was that my running girls couldn't meet so I had planned on going to group groove. Visions of split spandex shimmied and shook in my head...
Gamble #2: Group groove did not kill me by way of humiliation...though it was pretty gory. It has been a while since I attempted this class. It is an hour of dancing, pretty basic choreography, but for someone like me this is nearly impossible. I am a smart girl- I can listen to directions and follow them, I can observe and mimic, but NOT when it comes to dancing. If I could afford to do anything except watch the teacher desperately for instruction, I would watch myself in the mirror [for a good laugh.] I am a horrible dancer and my evidence? Today my arms quite literally ran into each other. I was trying to do this criss crossed arm thing, and they collided. On a happier note, my pants did not split.