BIG prayer request.

UGH. roller coaster morning.

Good: mom got a good 4 or 5 hours of (relatively) solid sleep between 2 and 7am.
Bad: RIO came out to assess her as a candidate for the rehab program. She didn't pass. GOSH this made me SO SO mad. I really am not a fan of this phrase, but I'm so PISSED OFF! Ugh. We've been hanging our hopes on this RIO thing, like it would be some miracle recovery plan. They asked her if she could do 3 hrs of rehab a day and she said NO. In her defense, the guy was there around 9, which is like 8 am really. And she is not, even on her best day, a morning person. Much less is she a morning person 5 days after a massive stroke having eaten very little & still exhausted. To say we are crushed is kind of an understatement. We need to reset our expectations. Mom's not WORSE than she was yesterday- but our expectations of the next few months need to be recalibrated. We can do that, but it takes a little bit of time for us to reset and indulge ourselves with a little bit of anger and frustration. And let me clarify- we're not angry at mom or god or anything. you know how it goes.
Good: Dad talked the RIO guy into reassessing her this afternoon. We don't want to stack the deck or present a false picture- if mom's not quite ready then that is ok & we'll do RIO later on- but our hopes are up again & we're laying it out for mom in black & white. Tough love, right?
Good: Jack said she's pushing back with her left leg even a little stronger than before. Praise!

We'll keep you posted- love you!


Izzie said...

Praying & keeping fingers crossed for a better afternoon

Diane said...

I understand!! My prayers are with your mom and your family.

Diane Soule

Aunt Nancy said...

Hang in there...we'll pray for her. Her progress has been nothing short of remarkable thus far...it will continue.

Brianna said...


Becky said...

You got it..we'll be praying.

Nina said...

Standing next to you in prayer!