Bonus Blog

I just talked to Dad. He had gone back after eating dinner at home to see Mom & get her settled in for the night. He said she's more alert than he's seen her so far, and that is AWESOME. He said they had a really good talk about how this will be hard but that they'll get through it. He said she chowed down on her salami & cheese & crackers. He said when he walked in she had the TV on and she had her eyes open. This is the best report I've heard yet. I'm sinking my teeth into their personal finances, setting them up w/online bill pay & all that sort of thing. Ash & Jack think this is part of an elaborate plan I have to fund luxury cars & tropical vacations for myself (busted!). Anyhow, Dad had to call me to tell me mom's SSN and I could totally hear her in the background giving him additional information to tell me-- just like usual. Then he gave her the phone and I got to talk to her for a few minutes. Gosh I love her. She said, "Give that baby a kiss for me!"

One more sweet story. Today the speech therapist told mom she's going to have to retrain the left side of her mouth to help her chew her food and form her words. Impressively she is already making big progress in this area. Later Dad said something & mom replied with a big smile & some sarcastic remark. It melts his heart to hear her flip him crap like that so he said, "I love you- give me a kiss!" He leaned in to kiss her, and then said, "THIS is what we'll do for lip therapy- we'll just have to start kissing more!" She looked over to me and sent me a look that implied a major roll of the eyes, but she was sure grinning. This is my parent's relationship in a nutshell.


Jessica said...

Please give me your e-mail address. I'll send a really nice letter to your mom.

The Ropp Family said...

Hearing mom's voice was the best thing ever. It changed everything for me!

Patty & Jack said...

She called us last night. WHAT a blessing to hear her voice. :)

Your parents marriage is a true example for Jack and I.

Love you sister

Peaby said...

So great...thanks for the constant updates. We're praying with you and celebrating these great moments!