Certified Transfer Technician

Tonight dad & I were trained on how to help mom transfer from her wheelchair to the bed & vice versa. While practicing I dropped her! No, just teasing. I didn't drop her. My own child ate poop yesterday, but at least today I did not drop my mother.

So we can do the transfers, but Mom mentioned she'd rather come home with a walker & not a wheelchair. We agree completely. But you just never know how fast or slow this stuff happens, so we'll take it one day at a time. I was helping her stretch her left leg today & having her push it back towards me- she has a good amount of strength in her left leg, if not neccessarily control just yet. From what I hear, the left arm takes the longest to "come back." We met with mom's recreational therapist yesterday who took a lot of notes on the things mom does in her daily life- gardening, cooking, stained glass, etc. She said that the most important thing she wanted to do again was "rock her grandbaby." The rec therapist suggested that mom meet with the horticultural therapist (who knew there was such a thing!) who will help her learn to modify her gardening activities. There's also some cooking "classes" she can attend to learn how to get around safely in the kitchen.

She's still craving cigarettes pretty bad. She holds my dad accountable for this, but also expects luke to help her out (both are ex-smokers). She constantly asks if we drove her car to the hospital (I think she has cigarettes hidden in there somehhere) and when my dad leaves she says, "Don't let me down tomorrow Casey." This morning she said she needed to go outside for a bit before laying down. She wanted a cigarette. Forget the fact you can't smoke on hospital grounds- we're not giving her any! We just change the subject most of the time, but sometimes we make up funny excuses. Today as she was wheeling away from my dad she said, "Your excuses are really starting to suck. All the way to the divorce court." :) Now how can you not smile at that?

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