Cookbook Perusin'

Today was a very good day. I couponed, went for a 6 mile run w/Jo along the waterfront, then went to visit Mom at the hospital. We did a cooking class together at the hospial (diabetic friendly chocolate chip cookies....no comment), then Ash & I snuck out to eat some real food (PF Changs), got mom some more stable shoes (ugh- black velcro kind from payless- she will only need to wear them as long as she has the leg brace on), then back to the hospital for PT (posted above), then we snuggled up in a $20,000 bed to review heart-healthy cookbooks. Becky, mom's lovely roommate's daughter, snapped this pic without us even asking. Mom couldn't have scored a better roommate & roommate's daughter :)


Kate said...

Love this picture!

Dottie said...

sounds like a wonderful time!