For a good laugh...

Luke plays in a rec basketball league. I don't have anything really impressive to say about that, but I do want to bring your attention to the creative names of their opponents. "Their" name, by the way, is "THE LUNGS," which they think is quite ironic as they're a bunch of 30 yr old, not-so-physically-fit guys. Anyhow, my favorites are:
1. 7man wolfpack (obviously have good taste in movies)
2. Those guys (bet they cool off w/a beer at a bar called "the office" afterwards)
3. Punch Your Face Off (fighters, not lovers)
4. Coaches Gone Wild (no thank you)
5. Injured Reserves (low self esteem)
6. The Wild Turkeys (alcoholics)
7. Child Please (luke likes to say this, a lot)
8. Sex Panthers (is that even allowed???)
9. Podunk Ballers (obviously from milwaukie...maybe oregon city)
10. Blazing Trees & Strokin 3's (well it rhymes)
11. Stop Running I'm Old (this is my favorite)
12. Coordination Optional (probably a bunch of false modests)
13. Awkward Situation (I hear they wear short spandex unitards)


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we like stop running we're old! very funny!