A full day at RIO

Mom had a long & busy day. Dad visited for lunch, and the major topic of conversation was not how the morning's therapy went, but how much Mom would like a cigarette. My mom is a creature of habit, and honestly I think quitting (against her will) smoking may be harder than the stroke recovery!

Tonight when we visited Mom she was kind of crabby. She's got some major "left side neglect," which is to say that she is very unaware of the stuff happening on her left side. Some of that she can work on, force herself to constantly be looking to her left as an act of habit, but I think her future dream job as crossing guard is off the table :) The other thing I noticed tonight is she wouldn't really look at me when we talked. I'm not sure what that's about. I think she's maybe feeling sad and upset, but she doesn't want to discuss it, of course. Her "go to" emotion is anger & frusration. That's hard b/c when she gets frustrated or annoyed (like when we tell her she CANNOT smoke or when we are trying to talk her into eating) it is easy to overlook that what she might be compensating for are much more vulnerable feelings. I haven't seen her cry once. I haven't heard her (not even once) say she's nervous, scared, fearful, or depressed. That's no good. Part of her therapy is emotional/mental, so maybe they can encourage her to tackle that. I did print out my blogs over the last week for her to read tonight. Maybe that will evoke some sort of emotion from her. She is so stinking stubborn!

So the prayer request for today is that she'd start coping emoionally & also that the cravings for cigarettes would subside.


Michelle & Luke said...

Thank you all for the prayers. I now stand naked and humbled before God,I have tried to fix this and tried to make it better and now know I can not do it without God, yesterday I was so desperate that I had no choice but to give my troubles to Him. He has told me many times that he will take care of things if I just ask, he does not lie. My children and the spouses have provided me with so much love and support that I could not have made it this far without them. Please keep praying I know it is the only thing that is working, how can I ever repay all of you that have sent prayers. Thank you and may God bless you and all those you love. Casey

Linda said...

You are such a wise man, Uncle Casey. It is out of our hands and now everyone's job is to comfort, support and love on her. And listen to her complain about smoking and any other thing she wants to complain about because I believe that is the venue she uses to get some of her grief out without burdening you and scaring you all further. It is so amazing to see her still trying to be the Mother and taking care of you all with her using her humor to make things seem better. That is what a hero is and she is a hero.

I am not offering any empty advise just wanting you all to know that you are doing a GREAT job and that it is wonderful to see the love you all show for eachother. That is the glue that will hold everyone together and get you all through these dark hours. And even though I feel so utterly helpless I will be there to do anythng you guys need me to do and I will be praying everyday that each day brings more and more progress.


Patty & Jack said...

remind that mother of ours that my baby making doesn't start until she quits smoking. ;)

VERY excited to see her tomorrow. I am missing her so much!

Michelle & Luke said...

I'm with Patty!