A good friday

Today was a good day. I'm not really clear on what determines a good vs bad day, but it usually has to do with how tired or energized I am & the general state of mom & dad's spirits. Yesterday I spoke with the social worker at the hospital who informed me that a stay at RIO runs somewhere in the neighborhood of $2000/day...and insurance pays 80%. I'm no mathmatician, but I know enough to know that's a big number. And who knows how much the week in the hospital cost!? I had the pleasure of breaking this news to my dad last night. What a pit in my stomach- I actually dreamt about insurance last night. This morning I woke up & prayed two things: God, give me an air of thankfulness, and please let the insurance thing have just been a mix up. And do you know what happened??? Dad called the insurance company & found out that he does indeed have to pay 20%...up to a maximum out of pocket amount of $3000. Wow. Dad will whistle a happy tune & smile when he signs that check. Never has anyone been so thankful to [just] be spending $3k!

Mom still isn't eating a ton, but she seemed a little more chipper tonight. They're going to have her reveiwed for sleep apnea, which I am POSITIVE she has. Interestingly enough, sleep apnea can cause strokes!?!? Mom is the poster child for stroke risk of all kinds, but it was very interesting to know that sleep apnea can be a cause. Hopefully they'll get her hooked up to a cpap machine at night & that will also help her energy.

I leave you with a few photos- new & old.


Nina said...

God's hand is in all things even in the moments we feel alone. He will never leave us or forsake us. There is great peace in those words. We thank God for hearing our prayers. You have a beautiful family.

The Ropp Family said...

That might be the worst family pic ever, but I love it!

Also I didn't know it was a cpap machine. I always thought it was a 'sleepap' machine. Maybe I shouldn't admit that!