In 17 days you can...

In 17 days you can...
1. go to sleep a normal (though not neccessarily very HEALTHY!), high functioning adult woman, age 52.
2. have a blood clot form in the left side of your brain, stopping all blood flow to vitally important tissue and brain cells
3. wake up, hit your body on the nightside table and crash to the floor without any ability to break your fall using your left arm or leg
4. use every reserve of strength, faith, and courage to crawl to the phone for help
5. be transported to tualatin with more pomp & circumstance than ever before
6. scare the living daylights out of your family
7. find that your left side is numb, droopy, and for the most part, unresponsive
8. experience god's grace, second only in magnitude to the grace he extended when he saved you the first time round
9. be humbled beyond compare while you watch friends and family stand (sometimes uncomfortably) at your side, crying and laughing, hugging you and telling you in fumbling words how very dear you are to them
10. feel pain and fatigue unmatched in your lifetime
11. lament the blatant assault on your modesty as nurses have to help you dress, bathe, and go to the bathroom
12. quit smoking, against your will
13. listen to your children and husband talk in hushed tones across the room, and feel a sense of guilt and pride at the way they are a united front, for you
14. move to a high rise loft in the pearl called RIO
15. slowly and by bits regain some lost function and capacity
16. try to spread your wings...and instead hit the floor on your first independent attempt to get into bed alone
17. walk again...


Dottie said...

What a touching post, of course I'm crying...your mom is an extremely strong woman! Tell her to keep up the great work!

Peaby said...

so awesome...I'm all choked up.

The Ropp Family said...

best blog ever sissy!

Tasha said...

Wonderful progress!!! I used to be a CNA and worked with many stroke patients. Try to talk to the staff about a transfer board. It's a small board she'd take with her and when she would get to her bed, she would lock her wheels, take down the arm rest on right side, then put the transfer board wedged under her bum making sure it is able to touch the bed. She would then scoot, using her right arm for support, across the board until she got to the bed. I wasn't able to find the ones that I remember but here's one to take a gander at: http://www.medicus-health.com/Beasy-Trans-Easy-Patient-Transfer-Board.aspx

Becky said...

Now that's something to be thankful for! Amazing!

Nina said...

Psalms 138:8 When I pray,you answer me, and encourage me by giving me the strength I need.

I am a mom and grandmother and I know that nothing makes me want to try to do my best than for the family that God has blessed me with. I can see that in your mom each step she takes is for the love of her family!

Uncle Eric said...

Thank you so much Michelle for your updates; they are touching, informative.... priceless.

Love you all dearly---