Insubordinate vs Over-confident

My mom fell today. She is fine.

At 2 she had physical therapy after occupational therapy. She was tired. "Exhausted," she said. So she scooted herself (in her wheelchair) onto the elevator & back up to her room. She called the nurse to help her into bed. The nurse tried to talk her out of it b/c she had another therapy session. Mom insisted she needed to lay down. The nurse went to get the "head nurse." Mom got tired of waiting so she tried to get into bed herself. The funny thing is she might have made it except she forgot to set the brakes on her chair. So she fell. Becky, the roommate's daughter got the nurses and there was all sorts of commotion to get mom back in bed. She did, however, get out of her last therapy session :)

Hm. Well, this is probably EXACTLY why they told us she'll need someone with her at all times. A side affect of stroke is a lack of perception and unrealistic expectations of one's capabilities. Not to mention the fact she forgot about the brakes- there are several steps in a transfer, but brakes are a pretty important part.

Mom's had SEVERAL lectures now about this. I was (lightly) chewing her out and the nurse said, "She wasn't disobedient, she was just over-confident." Mom latched on to that & later I heard her try that line on my sister.

I think it was probably a good reality check for mom, and maybe a little embarassing to have every nurse on the floor buzzing around you. My dad told her if she pulls this kind of stunt at home he's just going to have to tye her up :)

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