Monday & Mom

Interesting day for Mom today. She woke up from a mid-day nap crying, confused and disoriented. She called my dad, he called the nurses & headed back to the hospital. The nurses assured us that Mom was ok, just confused- and that is normal & ok after having a stroke. We think maybe Mom hasn't really dealt with the emotional impact of all this- we've all cried like babies but not her. She said she woke up & Dad wasn't there, and she'd had a dream she needed him but couldn't find him. Then she couldn't figure out how to dial his number & she was worried she was having another stroke, and got worked up. Dad said the therapists actually said this is a GOOD thing- because afterwards she was a little more emotionally responsive. She did super well on the exercise bike, riding for 13 minutes compared to Friday's 5 minutes. Tonight I asked her why she hadn't cried before & she said, "what is there to cry about?" I pointed out that you can be thankful to be alive but still cry because you're sad or mad or whatever. She said, "Eh- why cry over spilled milk?" :) She was super tired today, confused today for Friday, and just seemed pooped out. It breaks my heart to think of mom being sad, but she has had some pretty traumatic losses & she probably needs to grieve them. I have not heard her complain once about the physical limitations though, which blows my mind. In fact tonight as we ate in the cafeteria together, with Jo in my left arm & her bum left arm at her side I said, "It's probably easier for a mom to have a stroke versus a man because we're already used to eating with one hand!" She laughed & said, "That's good- put it on the blog." :)

I leave you with this- more video from Sunday's victories. She told the therapist that "all of portland will hear about me walking today- these girls tell everyone everything." Yep, we do!

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