Out on Parole

Mom's getting a half-day pass to come home this weekend, and best of all, she's going to come home for good on TUESDAY! By then it'll have been nearly 4 weeks since she's been home. What a good day that will be :)

Today mom had her weekly "doctor's roundtable." I couldn't be there in person so I was conferenced in. The connection wasn't great, but I could tell the tone of the meeting was very positive and there was lots of laughter. The recap is that mom's made lots of progress in the last week- she's walking some, she is requiring way less help on her transfers, and she's getting a little more independent (dressing, showering, etc).

So now what? Mom will direct us this weekend on how she wants the house rerranged. Dad & Jack are going to start building an ADA shower in the garage, and we'll work on getting mom's new bedroom-in-the-dining-room set up. I'm sure we'll go through several iterations to get it right. And we'll re-do it again as mom's strength returns & we can toss wheelchairs, braces, walkers, and ramps back in the garage.

What a crazy year. Having a baby has given me extra reasons to be thankful for my parents. Luke always says that a highlight of his day is dropping jo off at my mom's or his mom's & watching our parents love on our baby. That is so true. When I want to talk about the most inane Jo-things (her last poo, what tooth she is cutting, one of the 8,000 cute things she did today) I call my mom because I know she'll be EQUALLY as excited or interested. Having a baby makes you appreciate your mom more, and it gives me a unique perspective on how much SHE loves ME. It was a rare opportunity I had during maternity leave to spend lots & lots of time with her. Thanks to a VERY understanding boss, I get the chance to spend more time with her over the next few months. I'll be with mom 2 1/2 days during the week, Dad will be with her the rest of the time. I'm really looking forward to it. Life is good.


Nina said...

What a special Easter for all of you! We are in celebration for God has showered His blessings over you. What joy to hear the news that your mom can go home! Prayers have been answered !!!

Aunt Nancy said...

Was so good to see you on Easter. Karen looked happy at home. Tommorrow is a big day...I'm so happy she's coming home to such a loving family.