Stand & Deliver

Now that mom's cleared to dine in the hospital cafeteria, Dad took her on a romantic dinner date to the salad bar. Isn't that cute? She also made him fork over some cash for lunch money. I'm not quite sure how she thinks she's going to get down there & navigate the cafeteria on her own...but I'm betting the hagan daaz ice cream cooler will serve as good motivation.

Two pretty exciting updates:
1. While helping mom stretch her left leg Dad observed it is TWICE as strong as it was a few days ago!
2. Mom stood up today for TEN minutes! I think she was holding on to something, but this is the precurser to eventually walking!!! I am so impressed with how aggressive they're being with her therapy!

Her sleep apnea test last night confirmed she does indeed have sleep apnea. Now she's going to have to wear a cool mask at night. Seeing as how she's such a compliant and obedient patient I'm sure that'll be no problem...

Dad said that tonight he had the best visit he's had so far with mom, just him & her. Tomorrow is mom's big meeting w/all her doctor's & therapists. We'll talk about her progress & they will tell us what they think about her coming home, and when.

Mom also got a visit tonight from Aunt Jenny. Aunt Jenny is my husband's aunt, and my sister in law's mom. Ha. Try & figure that out. My brother married Luke's cousin, so my mom got a pair of sisters for in-laws! And both sisters have been to visit my mom. Does that happen in normal families? I don't know, I have a pretty extraordinary family.