There is no pleasing this woman

I feel bad that mom's eating this mushy hospital food, so tonight I kicked it up a notch. Ash & Patty cannot contend with me now! :) I made mashed potatoes with lots of butter, sour cream, & garlic. I carefully seasoned delicious chicken that I was forced to ruin by way of puree. I even made gravy for her, which shows substantial courage on my part. Before I left to come here tonight I had a few bites & then brushed my teeth. I indulged in some self gratification. "Hot damn!" I said to myself, "You're culinary prowess cannot be matched!" I get here, Mom's out like a light. So is Ash. I poke Ashley until she wakes up & finally vacates her beloved recliner. In the process mom wakes up & asks, "what's the matter?" because we're being too loud. Since we've already woken her up I take the opportunity to tell her about the DELICIOUS meal I've prepared for her (I intend to get good mileage out of this). She's not interested in eating it right now (don't worry, I had the nurse put it in the fridge for preservation) so I lean in to give her a kiss goodnight. And you know what she says instead of "I love you and realize how much work it was for you to attempt gravy and I appreciate each gram of fat you so lovingly prepared?" Instead she says with thinly veiled judgement, "You smell like garlic." Like she's some sort of offended vampire or something.


Aunt Nancy said...

Now if you can't count on your mom to let you know when you need a breath mint then who? :-) It's like telling you you have panty lines or a boogie in your nose...that's just what us mom's do.
Love ya!

Terri ellis said...

To my wonderful extended family. Our prayers and thoughts are with you more than you know. Please give Karen a hug from The Ellis clan in Chicago. We so wish we were closer. Thank you so much for the daily updates, it really helps keep us in touch with all of you.
Love Aunt Terri