This is how mature we are

This is an exact transcript of a series of texts between my sis katie & I:

Katie: Oh my gosh, I might be so sad right now! Savannah might have a peanut allergy!
Michelle: Oh bummer Katie! This sounds really trivial but I am mourning her potential loss of pb-chocolate ice cream!
Katie: That's the only reason I am worried!!! How can she miss out on some of the best stuff on earth???
Michelle: Reeses PB cups. AHHHH the worst: SCOTCHEROOS!?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!
Katie: Noooo! And worst of ALL how can I justify eating them in front of her when she is aware of what she is missing out on!?!?
Michelle: Crap Katie. As her godmother I am not sure I can make that kind of a commitment. AHHH.
Katie: Ha! we might have to find her another family who can sympathize.
Michelle: Consider Lexee (that's our 10 yr old little sis) She's your & matt's back up for Jo you know :)
Katie: Haha, I hate to say this, but she might be a better choice anyhow.

Who qualified us to raise children?


Kristen said...

there is always almond butter. :)

Kate said...

Ha! Michelle, please don't show this to Savannah when she is older!!! And Kristen, I think you're right about almond butter for SAVANNAH - but no way in HELL am I giving up my choc pb ice cream!

Patty & Jack said...

LOVE this!

rickandlindafamily said...

This might be the funniest post I've read on a blog in a really long time. Thank you for that.