Today was kind of interesting. Yesterday we had settled on Marquis in Wilsonville, hoping that the hospital would let us stay 1 more day so mom didn't have to go to rehab elsewhere for 1 night. Plus ambulance transfers are at least 1.5 x the cost of a cab ;) Last night mom was on her own all night. By the time we showed up at 8 with her double tall latte from starbucks she'd already been up & bathed! She felt better having finally showered. A stream of therapists came in & out. The neurologist came in & said that the vessel in her brain is still blocked, which is not bad news I guess, just not good news. I think if it gets unblocked (like the clot dissolves) that means more blood flow gets around. Anyhow, he said we could stay one more day & transfer to Wilsonville on Wednesday!

Jo is becoming increasingly unimpressed with hospital life. So I was taking her to the waiting room to get her wiggles out & I walked by one of mom's PT who was saying on the phone, "I REALLY think she'd do so much better at RIO..."


Then things got moving. The social worker told us: RIO is still an option. Marquis called, they can take her a day early! AND insurance approved another night at the hospital. Yesterday we had nowhere to go. Today we had multiple options!

The therapists agreed to evaluate mom again today & tomorow morning- then make the call. Unfortunately right NOW is mom's "UP & AT 'EM" time of day. She's a night owl for sure, so it is hard to get her peak physical performance to impress the therapists at 7am...but she wants to go to RIO and she works hard to show the therapists what she's made of. So no matter where god wants her to go, we'll be content with it. Tonight, we think, will be her last night in the hospital. That is SO amazing.

So that's it for now. Dad & I came home for dinner. She called within an hour to make a list of demands...which is reassuring. She'd like tweezers, her magnifying mirror, her perfume, and some baskin & robbins chocolate almond ice cream. :)

We'll keep you posted on what tomorrow brings!


Jessica said...

Please let us know when she gets settled in at the place in Wilsonville. Please let us know when visiting hours are, and if she's up for visitors.Oh, and please tell her that I said hi and have been getting a lot of people to pray for her. She's one of my favorite aunts,and I want her to know how much she means to me.

Nina said...

When you can't be with your dear sweet mom God and His angels are with her. He is with us and He goes before us. Praying for all of you !

Steve and Cathy Hackett said...

God bless the Stephens family! Sounds like Karen is still herself, despite a few "inconveniences"! You be strong, Karen, and get better quickly! You'll be proud of the way your family has surrounded you with love, prayers and decent food! And would you expect anything else - after all, you raised them!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and we'll visit soon!

P.S. Michelle, you are an awesome writer!