I think it is medically impossible to recover from a stroke without a sense of humor. So in that vein...

1. Dad makes fun of mom's boooring white unders when he dresses her. So last week when we were at Target, Mom had the idea to surprise him with a SASSY pair of leopard print unders. And since she would not be subjected to indecency alone, she bought him a pair of adult sized transformer superhero briefs. As far as I'm concerned I am sure they are not actually wearing these underwear. Because it is TMI to know what kind of underwear your parents wear.

2. Dad affectionately calls mom's left foot & hand "leftie." Today when I was helping her stand to brush her teeth I forgot to take her left foot off the footrest. She said, "Oops- don't forget leftie."

3. Mom sleeps downstairs in the former dining room. Dad sleeps upstairs in the master bedroom. This is a practical solution for two people who snore & generally are not fit for co-sleeping with anyone besides a desperate cat or two. Anyhow, Mom uses her cell to call Dad's phone when she needs help in the middle of the night. I was worried that she would drop her phone so I tied a whistle to the side of her bed. Can I tell you how funny it is to be there & hear a long, shrill whistle coming from the dining room? It makes me smile.

4. Mom's pants fell off in the parking lot of albertsons. Dropped to her knees. We laughed so hard we almost fell over.

5. Mom & I were talking about waxing our brows. Dad said, "Bring some extra wax & i'll give mom a brazilian." Mom pointed at him & said, "Watch it or I'll brazil YOU!"

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The Ropp Family said...

HOW did I miss the fact her pants fell down?!