It has been a busy, chaotic, and WONDERFUL week in the Stephens' household. Mom was released from the hospital Tuesday. By the time I got here Tuesday night I could tell that dad's world has been rocked. I watched him spin around in every direction, trying to work on the ADA shower for mom, helping her go to the bathroom, trying to cook & keep on top of her meds/exercises. Mom's had a month to get used to the idea of being "dependent" on others, but this is brand new for Dad. He's got a great attitude about it, but this is uncharted territory. He's not getting much sleep- mom's up several times a night to go to the bathroom. Poor guy. Good thing he's got a giant heart & a sense of humor. I noticed that by his bed he has the "I love my wife" pin that the paramedic gave him the day mom had her ambulance ride. Yesterday when I got here he had to run to Home Depot. Before he left he passed along specific instructions on how I was to make mom's grilled cheese sandwich. He also showed me exactly how she likes her iced tea. Good grief. Between those two I'm not sure who is the slave & who is the slave driver. Mom's feeling pretty exhausted. She's sleeping right now, and that's good. The thing we have to watch for is that she is sleeping to REST- not b/c she's depressed or wants to avoid therapy.

I think we're in the midst of a rough patch. As mom's strength returns things will get a little easier on Dad. I know people may read my blog & think: "YIKES. That girl overshares." - I've blogged every gruesome detail of this stroke- but I will say that having a written record of this will be a good thing. When we have a "tough" day we can go back & read this post. And that will put things in perspective, and we will be thankful for the minor inconveniences of these new circumstances.

On a lighter note, Mom had her first shower @ home yesterday. Dad & Jack had to carry her wheelchair upstairs, which I got on video. I'll post that tonight, it's pretty funny :)


Nina said...

I am celebrating this wonderful day and how God has answered our prayers. He walks next to us everyday!

Patty & Jack said...

I think these are good blogs to keep Michelle!! They will make for a good book to make mom as she progresses. :) Love you!

Des said...

I love that you are sharing every detail, I feel apart of the journey, i laugh, cry, and pray knowing how your family is coming together and supporting your mom, really neat to read about!