Mom's Weekend At Home!

This weekend Mom got to come home for the day both Saturday & Sunday. Things did not start well. Mom asked to look at the dishwasher (um, that should have been Dad's FIRST clue). Dad went to go grab something from the car & when he returned Mom had found a cigarette (seriously I don't know how we overlooked that ONE) in the junk drawer & was scheming trying to light it. DEVIANT! In Seuss terms, "DAD WAS MAD." Thankfully they sorted it out (Mom apologized) before we got there. Otherwise you might have seen mom on craigslist "free to a good, or at least mediocre, home." Lesson learned though- when mom wanted to check her email later in the den we sent in a rotation of stealth spies. No suspicious behavior was observed.

Otherwise, the weekend was GREAT. It was good for mom to be home, and good for dad to get a glimpse at what life will be like shortly. 4 weeks ago he suddenly became the cook, the maid, the housewife, the furniture rearranger, the bachelor and feeder of the cats (which he did diligently...but he forgot to give them any water...). Starting tomorrow he's the caretaker. And THAT is a big deal. Let me make this clear - my mom is NOT a burden. Taking care of her will be a blessing--- but it will be an all together NEW experience for my Dad. And an exhausting one as they learn their new roles & responsibilities. Oh- and the PB&J's dad has been living on? I don't think that's gonna cut it for Mom's dinner :)

There is a tie when it comes to my favorite part of the weekend:
1. Sunday mom wanted bbq'd steak, grilled veggies & roasted rosemary potatoes for dinner. Dad & I were all over the first two, but no one besides mom ever makes rosemary potatoes. Mom scootched over in her wheel chair and carefully oversaw the butter/olive oil/potato ratio. Then she took the rosemary in her good hand & showed me how to crush it up over the potatoes. I am sure there's some sort of deep symbolism or meaning here but I can't put my finger on it- all I know is I get choked up when I see my mom cooking her usual dishes in her wheelchair with one hand, happy to take command of her kitchen once more.
2. The healing power of babies is nothing short of miraculous. I've watched Jo bring joy and light to our family when things were bleak and painful. She's brought smiles to nurses, doctors, patients & visitors in ICU and at RIO. (reality check: she's done her fair share of screaming and flailing at the hospital too!) When we push mom around the halls of the hospital we strap jo to her with the seatbelt. She climbs all over mom in the hospital bed and tries to eat her get-well flowers. But the coolest thing by far was when we transferred mom from her wheelchair to the rocking chair in the living room, so she could rock her baby. Gosh.

The grand finale to a great weekend? MOM COMES HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!!

Mom rocks Jo while dad plays "this little piggy"

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The Ropp Family said...

It'll be so good to have her home! Her smiling is getting better!