Today I got to the hospital at 12:30 and Mom didn't have any therapy until 2. So I hopped in her bed with her & the nurse brought us warm blankets and we spooned and napped. How often does a 30 year old get to do that with her mom? Not often. Then we were whisked away to therapy for 3 hours. We practiced bathroom transfers and bed to chair transfers and low pivot transfers and standing transfers. There is a HUGE difference in the last week on Mom's strength while doing this stuff.

BONUS: she gets to go home for a visit Sat AND Sunday for the day.

DOUBLE BONUS: She got to play Wii for her recreational therapy. Whose invention was rec therapy & why did I not pursue that as a career??? You get to PLAY with people all day. Here's mom working on Wii target practice.

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The Ropp Family said...

So jealous of your spooning! And hey-you're not 30 yet sis!