Can you put your foot behind your head?

The great thing about growing up is that your siblings get married & bring some new people into the family mix. I got Chris as a new brother & Patty became my sis (she was already my cousin. well, luke's cousin, which should clear up any incestuous suspicions you had). At Jo's birthday party Ashley told us that Chris can put his foot behind his head. Chris is 6 feet tall and not the skinny-yoga-pilates type. We didn't believe him so after much begging & pleading, he showed us. Ash tried too, but she's not as flexible as Chris.
Not to be outdone, Jack gave it his best shot, and this is it.

Luke tried too. This picture sums up my marriage:

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Dottie said...

Ohhh funny! Your expression is the best! BTW, your mom looks great!