Jo is ONE!

Jo's birthday weekend coincided w/Grama Jo's bday weekend! Here are a bzillion pictures of all the fun we had!
The "jo's" - Grama Jo, Sara Jo, Tera Jo, Johonna & Taylor Jo!
From 2010_05_01

Love this one of Taylor

Sad this is so dark :(

The Middlebrooks' got Jo this GIANT toy. It is supposed to be filled w/sand & water...but mommy thinks it is just as fun withOUT sand & water.

Party Dress!

Loves her daddy

Gramps BAKED THIS CAKE FOR JO ALL BY HIMSELF! Really Dad, I am impressed.

A good majority of the aunties!

Loves her grandma!

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The Ropp Family said...

picture number 9, it's not just cute, it's seriously gorgeous! Modeling baby!