The Kiddie Pool!

Yesterday in Wilsonville it was warm enough to break out Rucker's doggy pool, which is now Jo's kiddie pool. Turns out no one notified Rucker about the repurposing of HIS pool, so he just hopped in too.

and cousin Julia, who Jo is mesmerized by (well really, she is pretty mesmerizing!)

Jo stuck it out in the pool until her she shivered. Then my dad got her out & dried her off, and she squirmed off his lap & crawled naked over the patio & lawn to get back in her pool. I was reminded (and impressed) of how we used to swim in the kiddie pool in my granny's back yard. My dear, loving, and accommodating Aunt Laurie used to use buckets of HOT water from inside the house to warm up the temperature of our pool. On my very BEST day I'm still not that nice or loving! Which explains why Jo's lips are blue...

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