Mom turns 53!

This week my mom turned 53- a special milestone for a woman who has been through a lot in the last 9 weeks! We are so, so thankful she is alive and well- making progress each day. She is still using her wheelchair, but getting around better with a cane. She is working towards a goal of being able to be home alone in the next month or so, and she's starting to work on being more independent. Today we celebrated w/a bbq...

Mom got roseville & pottery from dad, and a pedal thing from us kids. If someone got me a workout machine for my bday I might take offense- but she really wanted this thing.

I guess this is a stephens kid talent, discovered by patty maybe? This is apparently the "black bear face." I'm late in understanding what this is about, all I know is I can make the face so i got to be in the pic. Nice opportunity to see 3 sets of tonsils.

Jack fell asleep at the party- honestly this was how he was sleeping on the couch.

Jo wanted to poke his nose while he slept.

Chris woke him up when he climbed on.


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Patty & Jack said...

you are fast sister!! Jack was happy to read about what he missed while napping.