My Mother "In Law"

The term "in laws" has a negative connotation. Sometimes I say, "we're having dinner at my in laws tonight" and people give me a sympathetic look. Let me say this: I have the BEST in laws on the planet. They are amazing. And there are LOTS of them. When I got married my immediate family QUADRUPLED!

My mother in law recently had a birthday, and she is super low key about her own birthday. I'm ashamed to say we take advantage of that! We went to dinner @ a mexican food restaurant & shared a margarita. I love this woman, and I am a better human being because of her influence. I have never met anyone who LOVES people as much as she does. She has a great sense of humor, she has a hitch in her giddyup when she runs (or dances), she is my go-to for all parenting questions, she physically can't burp, when her hair is in a pony tail it really is as thick as a horse's tail, she loves me as much as her own daughters, she is reading this and thinking, "you ARE my own daughter!", she is great for advice, she mops her floor with her foot on a dishrag, she packs for trips using laundry baskets, she does NOT like to come home to a dirty house, the schedule she maintains makes my eyes cross, she watches my daughter 2 days every week and personally snuggles her to sleep every time she naps, she talks to me about the things my baby does like they are earth shattering and she says, "Do you know how advanced she is?," she has the most picked over fridge I've ever seen, she stops at costco like it's starbucks, when she laughs super hard it is silent and luke calls it her "silent laugh," she puts about 20k miles on her minivan each year, she is an amazing mom & wife. I love her to pieces!!!
Happy Birthday Sara!


Patty & Jack said...

Sara IS amazing. She is totally more like a mom than an Aunt and I LOVE that. xoxoxoxox

The Ropp Family said...

She is amazing! I feel like I'm one of her daughters too! Love you Sara!

Tera said...

This made me smile, all so true and she is SO lucky to have you as a daughter!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! Because I love my Sarah! I especially loved the part about how she cleans her floor with her foot on a towel... I would have included that part too. I like the other part I would have included, but you graciously didn't, about wiping hands on socks...a little trick I learned from her.

I love that you love your Mother-in-law, and I love that you honor her! I love you both!

Anonymous said...

yes, she is definitly amazing!!! and i also loveher. no i'm not jealous okay maybe just a tiny bit. xxoo mom