Jo has become QUITE the talker. Now if only we could understand what she was saying...

Sunshine Photo Shoot

Sunday at my parents I got some good pics of Jo- it was a gorgeous day!

and my favorite

Walgreens: Now THAT'S customer service!

Nearly every week Jo & I trek to Walgreens for coupon shopping. Alice, the photo gal at my local Walgreens, is the best. She always makes it a point to come say hi to Jo, who thinks she's the bee's knees! Alice MADE Jo a darling cupcake hat and gave it to her this weekend! HOW SWEET IS THAT?! Jo was super thankful but not outwardly expressive of all the gratitude she felt:

Sisters Weekend!

Naomee stayed with us this weekend while luke's parents were out of town. She is one sassy gal, bored to tears by her 30 yr old siblings (one of whom made her endure hours of world cup viewing & yard work!). We did manage to have SOME fun though :) And Rucker is a HUGE naomee fan- but who isn't!?!

Naomee, Jo & I took a trip to Nike WHQ for swimming & a tour of campus:

Jo took a nap, wearing a ski hat (?)

and we went to cousin Cara's bridal shower! She's a great addition to the Middlebrooks family!


Jo Floats!

Jo took a survival swim class & learned to be dunked in the water, roll onto her back & float! She's a little out of practice but did pretty well today- take a look...

Thanks Naomee for being the videographer ;)


Audio Funnies

This is worth it- but know that when you click the links you'll have to click BACK after the sound plays to come back to the blog. Also- the audio takes just a second or two to start. I know- blogs aren't supposed to be so much work to read. buck up.

Step 1:
Listen to THIS, which is the ringtone that plays when my mom calls my phone.
Step 2:
Listen to the VOICEMAIL my mom left me, mocking my ringtone.
Step 3:
Roll your eyes on my behalf ;)


The Circles We Talk In

Mom: We should have taken my car.
Me: Why?
Mom: Because my lumbar support is in that car.
Me: No it's not, and besides, where would we have put Jo in that car?
Mom: The trunk.
Me: I'll put YOU in the trunk.
Mom: That's fine because then I'd have my lumbar support.
Me: Huh?
Mom: Did you leave my lumbar support at home?
Me: No, it's in the trunk.
Mom, sounding victorious: Ergo if I was in the trunk I'd have my lumbar support.


Pickin' Berries

Today Kristen, Cristina, Meghan & I took our little ones berry picking at Sauvie's Island. To get in the spirit of things Jo decided to wear her strawberry hat. (PS- the black eye was from putting a shirt over her head & running into a shelf...oops)

Tres Amigos

Cristina snuggling the kiddos

Mom, ENOUGH with the camera already!

Hay Ride!


Meg & Davis

Cristina & Mateo

Fields of green

RAGAMUFFIN-she ate as much dirt as berries

Best Buds

Jo shoveling peas into her mouth as fast as possible

Jo's insightful monologue on strawberries

Mateo & Davis holding hands - how cute is this!?

Boulder Holder

Nothing like waking up in the morning & slipping on a fresh, clean, boulder holder.
From 2010_06_15

A good bra can add some pep in your step and sass in your strut.

With support like this, I could run all day long!

And then after a bit, "ugh. the straps are digging in."

and, "I feel so RESTRICTED!"

and finally at the end of a long day, "GET THIS THING OFF ME!"

PS- jo's got an obsesion with putting my mom's bra's on her head. And her underwear. So maybe we should move them out of the bottom dresser drawer, but then I'd lose photo ops like this.

Heihns in PDX!

Last month we got a long visit w/the Heihn family- much overdue. I miss these guys!
Here's Grandma with her 2 smallest grand babies- both trying to get her attention!

As usual, these 2 would NOT sit still for pics

Look at this grin:

Happier when they had graham crackers...

Finley's Shower

So behind- last month we had a baby shower for Katie & Finley (due late August!)- Somehow I wasn't clear that this was a girls only shower. Devoted and loyal family man Traynor D showed up with his wife, and promptly left with Katie's dad (top of picture) on a manly motorcycle ride.

Half of Katie showing off a swaddle blanket!

proud parent

I cleaned out my pond last night after about 2 yrs of letting it sit. LOTS of mud, and surprise- LOTS of baby fish! Also I found every single one of rucker's missing toys.


Ask and you shall receive

You know the stoic, "I'll do it by myself or die trying" type of people? Yeah, well that's not my mom. I have to hand it to her though- she's gotten VERY creative about how she makes her demands. To keep it simple, let's say my mom wants some chocolate almond m&m's (a common scenario). Here's the variety of ways she goes about getting her chocolate almond m&m's:
1. When you get a minute, will you get me some chocolate almond m&m's?
2. I wouldn't say no to some chocolate almond m&m's.
3. Some choclate almond m&m's are called for.
4. I could really go for some chocolate almond m&m's right about now.
5. Perhaps some chocolate almond m&m's?
6. I need something to munch on while I read. Like maybe some chocolate almond m&m's.
7. You know what sounds good? Some chocolate almond m&m's.
8. If it's not too much trouble, could you get me some chocolate almond m&m's?
and my personal favorite:
9. Some chocolate almond m&ms's would not be remiss.


2 funnies from my family:

One: Jack stopped by my parents yesterday, which always makes mom happy and lightens everyone's mood. I wouldn't say this to his face, but he is one of the funnier people I know. He told mom, "Hey Mom! Good news. Your bum leg is cutting your carbon footprint IN HALF!" Right.

Two: Today Mom was crusing by the doorway. I was feeling crabby & burned out. With a sardonically straight face she said, "I would appreciate it if you'd make your shower quick because I'll need help with my bra." And then clump, clump, clump as she hobbled towards the bathroom, all the while making eye contact with me. I stopped doing the dishes (because believe me- I wasn't polishing my toes or eating bon bons), raised my eyebrows and said, "Oh reeeeally???" And she said, "Yeah. I don't want my mumbo jumbos getting cold."


Action Shot

This really is Michelle posting now- not my sis posing as me. I am behind on blogging, but while avoiding other things I need to do I came by this one on facebook of Ashley fishing. I love it. I love Lilly's face- she is a patient dog, willing to wait for her fish.


Love My Sister!

Today I realized, my life would be nothing without my sister, Ashley.

Here are some of her best qualities:

-She's beautiful
-She's funny
-She's married to a very handsome man
-She lives in a wonderful city
-She's a wonderful cook
-She's ambitious
-She's sassy, very sassy
-She's Dad's favorite daughter
-She's Mom's favorite daughter
-Her hair is luscious and thick (mine is thin)-That's from Mom =)
-Animals love her
-Actual Jo loves her more than me.