Ask and you shall receive

You know the stoic, "I'll do it by myself or die trying" type of people? Yeah, well that's not my mom. I have to hand it to her though- she's gotten VERY creative about how she makes her demands. To keep it simple, let's say my mom wants some chocolate almond m&m's (a common scenario). Here's the variety of ways she goes about getting her chocolate almond m&m's:
1. When you get a minute, will you get me some chocolate almond m&m's?
2. I wouldn't say no to some chocolate almond m&m's.
3. Some choclate almond m&m's are called for.
4. I could really go for some chocolate almond m&m's right about now.
5. Perhaps some chocolate almond m&m's?
6. I need something to munch on while I read. Like maybe some chocolate almond m&m's.
7. You know what sounds good? Some chocolate almond m&m's.
8. If it's not too much trouble, could you get me some chocolate almond m&m's?
and my personal favorite:
9. Some chocolate almond m&ms's would not be remiss.

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K Pitty said...

Nice! You are doing a great job my friend. :) See you in the am!