Boulder Holder

Nothing like waking up in the morning & slipping on a fresh, clean, boulder holder.
From 2010_06_15

A good bra can add some pep in your step and sass in your strut.

With support like this, I could run all day long!

And then after a bit, "ugh. the straps are digging in."

and, "I feel so RESTRICTED!"

and finally at the end of a long day, "GET THIS THING OFF ME!"

PS- jo's got an obsesion with putting my mom's bra's on her head. And her underwear. So maybe we should move them out of the bottom dresser drawer, but then I'd lose photo ops like this.


Patty & Jack said...

Bras are a girls best friend.

Anonymous said...

THESE ARE NOT MY UNDERWEAR111111 i only wear flesh color. so they must be yours mitch xoo mom