Love My Sister!

Today I realized, my life would be nothing without my sister, Ashley.

Here are some of her best qualities:

-She's beautiful
-She's funny
-She's married to a very handsome man
-She lives in a wonderful city
-She's a wonderful cook
-She's ambitious
-She's sassy, very sassy
-She's Dad's favorite daughter
-She's Mom's favorite daughter
-Her hair is luscious and thick (mine is thin)-That's from Mom =)
-Animals love her
-Actual Jo loves her more than me.



The Ropp Family said...

Aw, you're so sweet! Gosh, I love you too ;)

Tera said...

I LOVE this. I love the family love. Awesome:) Ash, you are the best at game...Michelle, you so need to step it up.

Patty & Jack said...

this may be the best one yet.