Pickin' Berries

Today Kristen, Cristina, Meghan & I took our little ones berry picking at Sauvie's Island. To get in the spirit of things Jo decided to wear her strawberry hat. (PS- the black eye was from putting a shirt over her head & running into a shelf...oops)

Tres Amigos

Cristina snuggling the kiddos

Mom, ENOUGH with the camera already!

Hay Ride!


Meg & Davis

Cristina & Mateo

Fields of green

RAGAMUFFIN-she ate as much dirt as berries

Best Buds

Jo shoveling peas into her mouth as fast as possible

Jo's insightful monologue on strawberries

Mateo & Davis holding hands - how cute is this!?

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K Pitty said...

haha - you can totally hear me talking about my ripped pants in the video of Jo! I've laid them to rest now, may they RIP. :) Thanks for the great day, friend! :)