Tub Remodel...bleh

Good grief. We've not got much to blog about on this subject.
Cement board IN:

I don't think the picture accurately conveys the amount of sweat and toil it took to get to that point.

Let me clarify:

There has been much fretting and wringing of hands. Countless phone calls to dad for advice (followed by corroboration of said advice on google) and then follow up calls to dad to debate the merit of his advice which conflicts with google's advice. At least 3 trips to home depot. One lost tape measure, and anxiety that no tub warrants. I think the people at the gym's front desk are starting to suspect I live in my car in some corner of the Nike parking lot. I show up at 5:45 with mascara smeared under my eyes, grody hair, and mismatched pajama/clothes. I shower and minutes later walk back by the front desk ready for work. I reappear at noon to work out, and shower again. This probably makes no sense to them. It makes no sense to me.

Now, after much lamenting, look at this picture and make some sort of exclamation like "BAM" or "BOOYEAH" or "OHHHHHHH SNAP!" for effect.

WHOA! How'd that happen?!?!? It happened tonight. All on my own while Luke was practicing to be a ninja at judo. And I wrapped it up early for the sole purpose of brogging (that's blog bragging...which I just now invented) about it. Maybe I'll have more brogging tomorrow. Or maybe I'll take the week off tiling as a reward.

my beautiful in laws

Aren't they wonderful? In case you don't have the pleasure of knowing them, they are wonderful. Generous, loving, caring, and always with the best perspective on things. I cannot tell you the number of times in sticky social situations I simply think: what would Sara do if she were here? Or if I'm feeling risky and daring, I ask myself: what would DICK do if he were here? :)



My dear friend Kristen turned 30 last week. To celebrate we had a picnic in a park, with an internationally themed peanut butter potluck to honor her world travels & favorite food. We also had egg races, three and FOUR legged races, and the most amazing peanut butter cake ever, created by one talented ms. michelle wald.
KP opening a gift...which included some emergency ration sized pb

Jo & Mateo, each skeptical of one another's hats

KP & The Rush Family

Skurski's & Waldo

CB writing in the journal of notes for Kristen

Michelle brought these nose cups...which you can't see well but were very funny

Raelee- ring master of the party & picnic queen extraordinaire

and finally, the cake!

B is for Baby in a Box

Not sure how this came to pass, but it did.

It was short lived.

The new (and much improved) Michele Stephens!

On 7-10 my lovable cousin Casey got married to his high school sweetheart. This is the Stephens family curse- him, me, and I believe 3 sets of our aunts/uncles married their high school loves. Sweet isn't it? Anyhow, his beautiful bride's name is Michele so she is now Michele Stephens...darn close to my maiden name, Michelle Stephens. She is awesome & I am SO glad she is officially part of the family. Great sense of humor, that gal. And she's spunky and sassy and so I like her a lot. For the joyous occasion I busted out a dress I might otherwise not sport, but it was a big day & called for a big dress. Hot pink and one sleeved with poofy flowers, no less.
Dad & his girls

The corbett street crew- these people represent a significant portion of my childhood. Henry lived on the same block as us, with his older brother (not pictured), cousin casey lived down the street, and I'm not sure exactly where Robert lived but he was always around too. We had a club called Totally Top Warriors. Initiation was jumping off Jack's clubhouse. It was not joke. Good thing I'm already a member b/c I might be too scared to jump off that thing now.
The blushing bride! And Veera- my lovely exchange student cousin from Russia!

CL 2007 & 2010

2007: Cassandra

2010: Johonna, in the same suit!



Gramps was swatting at a fly with a dish rag today & jo started giggling like it was the funniest thing she's ever seen. I recreated the moment at home on video- who'd have thought this would make her laugh!?


Tub Remodel, progress report

2 weeks ago we tore out the tub surround. Then luke was out of town, then we had family camping, then we had 34 bouts of laziness. We've put up ONE sheet of cement board since then, and it has to be unscrewed & drilled in a little tighter. So we're taking a break to regain strength, momentum, and inspiration.

The rug is there to protect the tub. Not to shield it from dropped screws or hammers, but to absorb the tears we'll shed. Luke gets emotional during remodels.

Meet Naomee

Meet Naomee.

She can fly.

And leap over lakes in single bounds.

She is an amazing gymnast.

And a wonderful, beautiful, sweet sister of mine.


Crescent Lake 2010

The week in pictures...

Too cool for school (they changed into their suits about 20 seconds later!)

The one on the right is the one on the left's most favoritest person on the planet

My brown eyed girl

Girl couins


If I look tired it's because I am. Jo didn't go to sleep until 12:30 the first night

If she were a disney character...dumbo

If looks could kill: adventures in fear based parenting

This is one of my favorite photos. It was taken by my Granny in her backyard and includes 4 of her 5 grown children. May I direct your attention to the front row, second from left.

That would be Jack, my devious brother. I wonder what kind of shennanigans one could possibly be pulling during a 5 second family photo shoot, but Jack was creative in that department.

To the left is cousin Tricia, who knows better than to defy her parents but takes obvious delight in Jack's daring ways.

Then pan over, far right, to my parents- both of whom are attempting to control their son who is out of arms reach...and knows it. Finally there is Ashley.

Good, sweet little Ashley who is smiling oblivious to it all while Mom takes out her aggression by raking her fingers through Ash's hair.

Type A Personalities

My mother in law imparts these words of wisdom: Oh honey, when you take kids to the zoo you pick TWO animals you want to see and call it a success if you make it to ONE. But Patty & I say: WE WILL SEE THEM ALL! And we did. And Jo was a trooper until the end...at which time she melted down and we continued to torture her:
LOVE the look on her face:

This would have been cute, holding her head in the lions mouth, but she was screaming...which was maybe appropriate.

The birds and the bees...and the lorikeets

This is what I did

when I saw this

*I realize this was a tasteless and classless post.